Q.E.N. Grant Consulting


Providing Guidance and Support to Nonprofits

Grant Coaching

Advise – Review – Edit

Advise on grants under consideration:

  • Provide insights on whether grant opportunity is a good fit for the nonprofit
  • Provide suggestions on grants to apply for
  • Provide best practices for how to best engage with donors, foundations and companies for funding

Review and edit grant applications:

  • Provide feedback on application content
  • Provide revisions and suggestions on how to make the application stronger
  • Provide insights as to the type of information funders are seeking from a nonprofit

A Little About Quinn…

I’ve had the opportunity to work for regional, state-wide and international nonprofits. I understand how challenging it is to be a fundraiser, having to compete with a wide range of nonprofits for a limited pool of funding. I also understand what kind of information is important to donors, funderholders and foundations when making funding decisions. I’d like to help you write a strong application so your nonprofit has a better chance of securing grant funding.

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